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Pointers to Power Up Google Ads

Google is prolific with churning out new efficiencies and tweaks – sometimes it’s not overly apparent, as an algorithm change. Other times it’s a complete overhaul, staying on top of it all can be a daunting task, especially with the expectation of constant improvement that businesses require to thrive.

The recent changes to Google’s marketing platform are prolific, a consolidation of their entire suite of marketing tools, a ton of changes involving machine learning in a dynamic, contextual way. On top of that, there are quite literally, thousands of technological solutions available to help people make sense of the endless stream of data our businesses are inundated with.

We crave efficiency, results, solutions; and there are a few aspects of Google Ads that if used correctly, will create an environment where a real connection can be made and true value exchanged between businesses and people – a situation where everyone wins.

Here are a few tips to take advantage of some of the tools Google Ads provides and help drive positive results for your ads campaigns.

  1. Ad Scheduling

Ad scheduling is critical to an efficient Google Ads campaign. A hemorrhaged budget with poor conversion rates, paying for clicks at 4 in the morning, when your business hours are during the day – they’re inefficient and wasteful. It is absolutely critical to schedule, get granular with when leads are more likely to convert and maximize the efficiency of your Ads campaign with Ad Scheduling.

  1. Ad Extensions

To the initiated, this point may be a no-brainer but it is one of the most effective tools to raise quality scores and create a relevant experience for the end-user. Callouts, site links, structured snippets, and call extensions are just some of the must-have features to use in your campaigns.

It’s important to figure out what extensions work for your needs. The best part is they’re free, help improve clickthrough rates, and help you provide a relevant experience for searchers.

Learn more about Ad Extensions.

  1. Dynamic Remarketing/Dynamic Prospecting

An absolutely essential tool for capturing the relevant awareness of potential customers, especially for maintaining consideration when people are still in the research phase of their buying journey.  

Dynamic remarketing and prospecting create an environment of context for customers. Using remarketing features to determine how they interacted with your site previously and providing suggestions, dynamically, from your product offerings.

This provides relevance and context that will most likely lead to conversions. The amount of possibility in this one feature alone makes it a winner in our books.

Use the power of machine learning with Dynamic Ads.

  1. IP Exclusions

Competitors will try to ping your ads and attempt to drain your budget, it’s an unscrupulous tactic but one that is utilized regularly. It’s a wild world in the wilderness of the internet and it pays to be prepared.  

IP Exclusions help protect you against this and ensure the competition won’t try to leverage your own resources against you. There are several ways of finding out the IP addresses of other, similar businesses, but it does take a bit of detective work.

  • Trace the IP address of their website
  • Trace the IP from their email header

There are several tools like UltraTools or Whatismyipaddress.

More on excluding IP addresses from Google

  1. Trim The Hedge

In true Darwinian form, your campaign’s evolution will be determined by those who survive. The dynamic emergence of your truly winning ad groups and keywords need to be nurtured, the chaff needs to be separated from the wheat.

A particular keyword with a low-quality score dragging down the rest of the ad group? Pause it. Don’t hesitate, change and adapt. Most of the time you’ll notice that the top performing keywords and ads tend to be only a small percentage of your entire campaign.

  1. Always Be Testing (ABT)

Search campaigns are all about testing, the classic speech by Alec Baldwin in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross is a testament to the front line sellers of the world, “Always be closing”. In the digital marketing ecosystem, it’s less about persuasion and hardline selling. Technology has allowed buyers to be more selective, more informed, the focus now is on adding value.  

You need to always be testing. Data is critical to your success and a destination to explore will stop your campaigns from floundering or going stale. Test and see what works and what drives real value to potential customers and adds more value for current customers.